The Battle of Cropredy Bridge – 375th Commemoration

The English Civil War battle of Cropredy Bridge was fought on 29 June 1644, between a Parliamentarian army under Sir William Waller and the Royalist army of King Charles I. After a Parliamentarian attack on the Royalist rearguard was repulsed, Waller’s army became demoralised and futile, allowing the King to retrieve the Royalists’ fortunes after other defeats during the earlier part of the year.

It’s 375 years on and a small team of enthusiasts have created a spectacular event to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle.

Cropredy Cricket Club will be central to everything! It’s where you’ll get information, your wristbands, your tickets (if you haven’t bought in advance) and the general hub of the event, including a craft market.

There will be re-enactors everywhere! From the Battle to the Living History Encampments.